5 Things Small Businesses in Brookings Can Do to Improve Their Online Presence in 2024

Here are 5 key things small businesses in Brookings can do in 2024 to boost their online presence and attract more customers.

January 26, 2024
5 Things Small Businesses in Brookings Can Do to Improve Their Online Presence in 2024

Build a Modern Website with a Focus on Mobile Users

In 2024, having a professional, polished website built specifically for mobile users will be a must for small businesses. It is estimated that nearly 60% of all internet traffic comes from smartphones rather than desktop computers. Your website needs to load quickly on mobile and be easy to navigate with one hand. It's not enough to just have a mobile-friendly site either—it needs to be optimized for mobile from the ground up.

Focus on optimizing key elements like menus, buttons and click targets to be large enough for finger taps. Use simple designs with plenty of whitespace and only essential information visible above the fold. Ensure important details like your business description, services, hours and location are prominently featured on smaller screens. Include high resolution product or service images that look good down to smaller sizes.

Be Active on Social Media, But Create Authentic Content

Social media can help boost your visibility, but only if you're posting worthwhile updates for your followers. In 2024 and beyond, potential customers will see right through self-promotional or low-effort content. Avoid things like cheesy motivational meme graphics or random stock photos with captions just announcing your business name.

Instead, focus on creating truly engaging, informative posts. Share thoughtful, well-written captions highlighting your business expertise or giving advice relevant to customers. Feature real team members or products in use. Go live from your store or workshop periodically to give followers a glimpse behind the scenes. Engage authentically with other local businesses and your community on social channels.

Speak to your followers like people, not faceless consumers. Address them directly with "you" rather than posting impersonally. Respond helpfully to questions or comments in a timely manner. With some creative effort, your social profiles can become a valuable interactive space for customers rather than just another place to spam promotions.

Focus Most of Your Efforts on Short Video Content

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, short entertaining video content has become hugely popular across all social platforms. In 2024, small businesses that can engage audiences with short-form video will see a major advantage. Rather than just repurposing text-based posts as videos, focus your efforts on creating native short-form video content.

Film simple videos giving how-to demonstrations, behind-the-scenes tours, or interviews with staff. Clearly introduce your brand but let the video tell a story to build an emotional connection. Videos that make people genuinely smile or learn something are best to attract organic shares.

With some creative brainstorming and a basic video camera, any small business can capture engaging glimpses to remain top of mind with customers in the visual age.

Keep Your Google Business Profile Listing Up to Date

Your Google Business Profile is essentially your digital front door for local searches. It's crucial that your listing is fully optimized to attract these searchers and convert them into in-store or online visitors.

Be sure to validate business ownership to secure the verification badge. Then take the time to fill out details, add 5-10 high resolution photos showing your products, services and location. Keep your business name, address, phone number and hours updated if anything changes. Engaging with potential customers in the Q&A or even posting offers can help boost customer satisfaction and interactions on your profile. Responding to reviews in a timely and genuine manner displays great customer service as well.

By prioritizing your Google listing, you'll gain greater local search visibility, higher rankings, and in turn, new customers.

Early Bird Gets the Worm — Be Responsive to Online Inquiries

In the digital age, customers expect lightning fast responses from the businesses they engage with online. Those who can quickly reply to website contact forms, social media messages and online reviews will have a serious advantage in 2024. Be sure to check for new inquiries at least once per day, if not more frequently during business hours.

Respond to customers within an hour if possible, but no later than within one business day. This shows potential customers you care about their needs. Having an automated response set up for nights, weekends and holidays is also recommended to maintain good service standards. Be courteous, helpful and solution-oriented in your communications. Addressing issues or questions promptly helps convert interested leads into paying clients.

Being prompt builds the trust that your business is reliable and efficient. In highly competitive digital markets, those who make it easiest to do business with them through speedy responses will gain customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations over time.


In summary, keeping up with digital advancements is essential for small businesses to thrive in 2024 and beyond. Prioritizing a mobile-optimized website, authentic social media engagement, lively video content, and attentive online responsiveness will help attract and retain the customers who start their journeys online.

If implementing all of these digital strategies seems overwhelming, it’s because it is. Quite frankly, it’s a full-time job, and most business owners simply don’t have the time to build and maintain their company’s digital infrastructure. That's where Anima Marketing Solutions comes in. We offer professional website design, social media management packages, Google Ads expertise, and more — all aimed at helping small companies boost their presence and sales.

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