How to Register Your Domain for Your South Dakota Small Business — Top 3 Domain Registrars in 2023

This article covers how to register a domain name in SD, with a comparison of the top registrars' pros and cons to help you choose the best option.

November 23, 2023
How to Register Your Domain for Your South Dakota Small Business — Top 3 Domain Registrars in 2023

Choosing the perfect domain name is an important first step when starting your South Dakota small business. A domain name is your web address — the name people type into their browser to visit your site. Registering your domain name is essential to establishing your online presence.

In this article, we'll cover the basics of domain registration and then compare the top three domain registrars of 2023 to help you choose the best option.

What is a Domain Registrar?

A domain registrar is the company that manages domain name registrations for various top-level domains (TLDs) like .com, .net, .org, etc. Their role is to allow individuals and businesses to register available domain names and handle technical aspects like connecting that name to website hosting.

Major registrars maintain a database of all registered domain names and work with domain name registries to allocate names on a first-come, first-served basis. When you register a domain, you enter into an agreement with the registrar that typically lasts 1-10 years before needing renewal.

The Top 3 Domain Registrars for 2023

Now let’s compare the top three domain registrars to help you pick the best fit for your South Dakota business:


Cloudflare is a major player known for its fast and reliable content delivery network (CDN) and security services. As a domain registrar, Cloudflare offers competitive pricing starting around $13/year for generic TLDs. Features include free privacy protection, a simple dashboard, and integrations if you also use Cloudflare for other services. Downsides are fewer customization options, and you cannot transfer your nameservers to another service unless you’re on a premium plan.

Squarespace (formerly Google Domains)

Squarespace gained the domain registration business when they acquired Google Domains in June of 2023. Plans start at $12/year and include privacy protection. Their intuitive interface is great for non-tech users. Customer service is available by phone, email, and live chat. However, there are limited customization options and transfers from other registrars can be convoluted. This, however, may not be a problem for the vast majority of small business owners.


Namecheap has been in the domain registration business for over 15 years. Basic registration costs around $10/year, with additional services like WhoisGuard privacy included. They offer great support via live chat, email, and a helpful knowledge base. Namecheap also provides a ton of options for customizing DNS records. However, their interface is more technical than Squarespace. It’s also important to keep in mind that Namecheap does not offer phone support, and their renewal pricing jumps significantly from the low introductory rates for new users.


I hope this overview of domain registration basics and comparison of top registrars helps you choose the best fit as you build your online presence in South Dakota. Don't forget to also consider website hosting, as your domain registrar and hosting provider can often be separate. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!